Planning your Move


Moving into a new place is perhaps one of the biggest undertakings that you will make in your life.  It’s a stressful time, when everything turns upside down in a matter of weeks.  To ease the stress of an upcoming move, it’s important to properly plan your move.  Here are some tips that can assist you with that all-important planning.


Don’t wait to the last minute – start two months before your move

If you’re a procrastinator, you’ll need to change your style of operation.  Moving calls for planning, and that planning can start up to two months in advance of the actual move.  One of the first items to take care of, well in advance of the move, is choosing a moving company.  Approximately two months before the move start calling up moving companies in your area.  Get a few quotes from three or for moving companies and then decide upon the best company for your needs.  And don’t forget to check references before you make that final decision.


One month before the move

Start buying packing supplies.  That includes different size boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and heavy-duty packing tape.  You can either purchase these packing supplies from either your moving company or ask your friends for their old moving supplies. 


At this juncture you should also start packing the items that you won’t need during the upcoming month.  That includes off-season clothing, dishes you don’t use, and items in the garage and basement. 


Three weeks prior to the move

Continue packing up items that you won’t need in the next few weeks.  That includes most of your linen, some toiletries and extra clothing.  In addition, notify the utility companies of your upcoming move.  Tell them the exact date of your move so that you’ll no longer be charged for any usage. 


Two weeks prior

Continue packing up your belongings.  By this time most of your belongings should be packed up, especially those items in your garage and storage areas. 


One week prior

Finish packing up the house (minus any items that you want your moving company to pack up).  Make sure to pack up a suitcase for your toiletries and a week’s worth of clothing so that you can quickly find them when you arrive at your new place. 


The day before the move

Get a good night’s sleep! and don't forget to change the lock of your new door by looking up local locksmith near me!